Royal Release

She Made A Savage Change His Ways

Courtney has been in a dead end relationship with Dejon for five years, all for the love of a dollar. Meeting him when she was young and looking for a come up, Courtney would have never imagined the turmoil that being money hungry would leave her. Determined to let him go and start fresh, Courtney packs up and goes to Raleigh where she vows to find herself and never again depend on a man. Meeting the sexy Montego Carter almost immediately, Courtney continues to tell herself that she has no time for love and relationships, but Montego has other plans. 

Adijah is a teenaged mother with a pro athlete for a baby daddy. No one understands why she won’t take him to court and try to come up off his newfound riches, but that’s the last thing on her mind. Adijah wants to get it out the mud, and when she meets the sexy Dom, she begins to do small favors for him in an effort to earn money. Adijah soon becomes smitten with the sexy thug who is the complete opposite of everything she’s used to, and soon, she’s addicted to a man that she knows is no good for her.