Royal Release

She Makes The Dopeboys Go Crazy

by B. Love

“My cousin was one of the baddest living. She could stand in front of a hundred men, look sweet as pie, and shoot her gun before any of them had a chance to pull theirs.” – Katara James
Meya James, the only daughter of drug lord, Cedrick James, was more than just a pretty face. She was raised by her father to be a Queen. A Queen of the streets. Growing up without her mother caused Meya to be less in-tune with the feminine energy within her. She didn’t value love. Relationships. Compassion. Because of this, she lives her life as a man-eater. Feeding off of men and draining them of their energy until she has no more of a use for them.
For a while, she was able to get away with this, until her father was sent to prison to serve a life sentence. This caused her to take a more serious role in his illegal empire, and grow closer to his second in command – Salem Myers.

Meya and Salem met ten years earlier when Salem decided that he was brave and lethal enough to rob the biggest drug dealer in Memphis – Cedrick James. Cedrick found out, beat some sense into him, and took Salem under his right wing, keeping Meya’s place secure under his left.

Over the years, Meya and Salem grew to love, want, and respect each other… but Salem’s loyalty towards Cedrick kept him from taking things with Meya too far.
After years of fighting how they feel for each other, an enemy enters their camp and puts their love, loyalty, and lives on the line. Betrayal is afoot… and Meya and Salem can’t decide who to blame and who to trust.

Will their love fizzle out before it truly flourishes? Or will they retain their rightful places as King and Queen of the Memphis drug scene and add love to the list of things they’ve conquered? Read Meya and Salem’s story to find out!