Royal Release

She’s A Thug’s Passion


The sweetest drug known to man will always be a woman. And in the case of Candy Wilson, she was just that and more. Her sweet and sassy personality was enough to hook any man, gaining her the attention of the one man she thought she’d love forever. But as the saying goes, tell God your plans and watch him laugh. 

Passion and Pain go hand in hand, and a love lost garners a love gained. Usually. With a toss-up of loyalty and trustworthiness, Candy finds herself at a crossroad and caught up between the pain of one and the passion of another. 

Fed up with feeling a lack of love, Candy stumbles across something so alluring and captivating, she doesn’t know whether she’s coming or going, and it leaves her heart and mind battling for the top spot. Will Candy play the field, or will the familiar love of the only man she’s ever given her heart to win? Will her pain turn into passion and thrust her into a life she’s never foreseen? Find out what being the passion of a thug really feels like.