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She's Got A Love Jones For A Thug: A Valentine's Day Love Story



Have you ever had a Love Jones for a Thug? I’m talking about a love so deep that you felt it in your soul? I’m talking about a love so profound that you felt it in your soul? Ever had a love so unfathomable that it seems unhealthy to other people around you?

Well if you haven’t you’re about to experience it between these pages because that’s the type of love that Kalib experiences the first day Love Jones steps into his classroom. Unfortunately for him, she belongs to someone else and they aren’t quite on the same level yet. Anything worth having is worth fighting for though, right? What lengths will he go to, to get that feverous feeling that only she can give him? What wouldn’t he do to get that feeling that only Love Jones can give him? Take a ride with Kalib to see the lengths he goes to, to have forever with his Love Jones.