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She's Got A Thug In His Feelings: Islam & Azzure

Islam Colby is every single woman’s dream. He’s handsome, established, mature, and doesn’t have any children. He spends his free time getting money and that has made him well-off financially. These factors made Islam aware that he’s a hot commodity, but he’s also very choosy with whom he gives his time to. Even though he’s at the age where he’s ready to settle down and start a family, he refuses to rush it. He’s waiting for the woman that will make him feel like he doesn’t want to live another day without her. 

Just as he’s starting to think that’s a feeling that only people in romance novels and sappy movies get the pleasure of experiencing, he meets Azzure Parker. Islam is drawn to her like a moth to a flame, but Azzure is involved in a complicated triangle that has her putting Islam on the back burner too many times for his liking. The arrogance in him tells him to leave her where she stands, but he simply can’t.

Azzure Parker is old enough to know that we’re given the rules of life, we don’t make them. The relationship that she’s been in for two years is unconventional to say the least, but she’s content. For the most part. There are days that Azzure wants a more traditional relationship, but her faith in romance died long ago. Just when it seems that Islam is resurrecting that faith, a curve ball reminds Azzure that happy endings aren’t as easy to obtain as she would hope.

Her decision is a complicated one. Stay where it’s safe and she knows what to expect or venture out into the world of fairy tale romance and give Islam her heart?