Royal Release

She's Promised To Him But I Have Her Heart 3

Nika and Usian secretly got married, but not everyone is happy about it. Subira uses this as a way to show her family that they have no control over her daughter’s life, and Nika shows them that what she feels in her heart is more important than the deceitful arranged marriage that everyone wants her to go through. However, Nika’s family aren’t the only ones who are outraged about the marriage. Jessica is devasted by the news and refuses to accept the fact that Usian is done with her.

CJ is stressed out, trying to hide Precious’s pregnancy from his uncle, not to mention he’s lied to Usian about Precious’s involvement in the robbery. Pooh is steady applying pressure, and CJ knows that he has to do something about it, especially since he killed his mother. CJ should have been handled this situation, and if he’s not careful, things can get even worse.

Relationships will be put to the test, and loyalties will fall where they lie. The love that Usian and Nika share is unwavering, but even perfect relationships face adversity. Will they be able to overcome everything that’s coming their way, or will the hate and pressure being applied to the both of them be the cause of their downfall?