Royal Release

She's A Savage For A Real Gangsta 2

Willow left town to go on tour with Cypher. She didn’t have a chance to talk to JD before she left, but their lust-filled night still lingered in her mind. She wasn’t quite ready to deal with her feelings toward him, and being with Cypher was the perfect distraction she needed. Willow wasn’t sure about the intentions that Cypher kept politicking about, and his actions while on tour caused her to question not only his intentions toward her, but whether or not he was really a gangsta.

Cypher was excited to have his new bae on tour with him, but not everyone shared his sentiment. Indigo was jealous as hell and made it her personal mission to disrupt Cypher and Willow’s plans to have a good time. She planned on using the information that Shaggy armed her with to expose Cypher as a fake studio gangster to Willow. However, an incident that occurred at the end of the tour made Willow take a second look at Cypher and question her feelings for him.

O’Bannon was in rage that Willow helped JD jump him. JD had been a thorn in his side ever since he started taking care of Willow. O’Bannon always thought it was puppy love between them, but the older they got, he started to notice he was mistaken. He planned on convincing Willow that it would be a mistake if she continued to play this silly little game, and the only obstacle that was standing in his way, as he saw it, was JD. Having Willow out of town for a few weeks gave him time to plot and plan how he was going to get her back. Taking out JD was top priority, but to JD, taking O’Bannon out was necessary! It was obvious that Willow was the one person on everyone’s priority list, but there was only one gangsta that she wanted.