Royal Release

She's A Savage For A Real Gangsta 3

Things have gotten crazy in St. Louis, and they’re about to get even crazier in California! Willow was pissed off at JD for fleeing and leaving her behind after she’d saved his life from O’Bannon. She thought that running to Cypher would be the best bet considering she might be facing vehicular manslaughter charges, but honestly, all she wanted to do was make it back to JD.

O’Bannon is laid up in the hospital after being broken into little pieces like the man with glass bones. His unfortunate obsession with Willow has caused him to lose all touch with reality. Patsy is getting tired of his disloyalty, and she continues to blame Willow for her problems. However, after some direct scrutiny and a reality check by Granny, Patsy started to realize that she might have made a mistake.

Cypher was so excited that Willow decided to come to California. He didn’t care what type of trouble she was in because the only thing that mattered was the fact that she was with him. She tried to be honest by telling him that she was pregnant. However, she didn’t count on his reaction when she told him that JD was the father. Willow’s savage mentality will put to the test, and everyone will find out if she’s… A Savage for A Real Gangsta!