Royal Release

She’s a Savage for a Real Gangsta

Willow Shaw was a 23-year-old woman who lived a relatively privileged life, thanks to a young street legend named O’Bannon who promised to take care of her after her mother was sent to prison for murder. The catch was that he made Willow promise to always remain loyal to him. But Willow didn’t care what he demanded of her because she was in love with him.

O’Bannon James was a successful street king who had worked his way up to the top of the food chain because he was known as a certified hustler. He was feared by many of his enemies because of his ruthless way of doing business. However, all of his homies and the people in his hood loved him dearly. After making so much money in the streets, he partners with his wife, Patsy, to make some legitimate money and they easily become successful together, promoting local talent. The only problem is that he runs the risk of losing out on time with Willow, his secret obsession.

Cypher aka Jesse White is an up and coming rapper who had just signed a million dollar deal. When Cypher is sent to O’Bannon’s town as a favor to his manager, he runs into the lovely Willow and his fate is changed forever. But will he be able to handle everything that comes with falling for O’Bannon’s secret flame?