Royal Release

Snatched Up By A Bad Boy

Even though Brynlee is a hood girl at heart, getting out the hood has always been number one on her to-do list. Now at the age of 25, she has done just that. Big house, dream job, and even engaged to her college boyfriend. She has it all, but she is consistently left wondering, am I really happy? Is my life complete?

After getting into it with her fiancé Troy, about the one thing she desires so desperately, she decides that it is time to let her hair down and escape reality for a while. But what she isn’t prepared for is the person she finds herself bumping into.

Sawyer McKnight, the neighborhood’s bad boy, is now the hood’s hottest rapper. He went from the slums to the mansion but still, he is missing someone to share it with.

In this love tale, you have two people from the same background but different walks of life. Can the two be what the other truly needs or will they just settle for what they’re already used to?