Royal Release

Southern Thugs Do It Better 2

Alexis is taking her break up with Seven super hard. Depression and drinking has her making some choices that will ruin relationships and friendships forever. Alexis is too blinded by heartbreak to even pay attention to her self-destructive behavior. She has tunnel vision, and all she cares about is being back with the man that she’s loved for the past four years. Nothing else matters, and the choices that she makes will ultimately alter her life forever. 

Resentment and anger have Seven more than sure that he will never be with Alexis again. He’s focused on building with Tamara and doing everything in his power to make sure that she doesn’t feel threatened by the history that he shared with Alexis. Just when he thinks he’s succeeded at convincing her that he’s all about her, a tragic accident has him subconsciously asking for the one person that he vowed was dead to him. 

Fetty and Infinitie are trying hard to build a relationship. The two have fallen hard for each other, but they’re both rough around the edges. Infinitie has to learn that some of the things that she does when she’s angry are not okay, and Fetty is constantly learning that the women from his past aren’t who he thought they were and the newfound skeletons that keep falling out of closets are anything but good for his relationship.

Janai has been hurt and betrayed so much that her heart has grown cold, or so she thought. Pushing Yante away becomes natural for her to do, until she realizes that maybe she likes him more than she initially thought, but is it too late? Could it be that the man that once begged for her time and attention is tired of her bipolar ways and has moved on? The drama in this action packed sequel focuses on ending old relationships and building new ones.