Royal Release

I Still Love My Savage 2

With Faith’s love life ending before it could really get started, she’s over trying to rekindle the love between her and Romeo who is also known as G-Rome. Faith knew the challenges she would face being with a rapper, but she thought she knew him. What she didn’t know was that he was dealing with his own issues within his self. But if that doesn’t keep them apart, someone else will. Can they find it within themselves to get back the love they once shared, or will Faith find someone she will eventually fall in love with?
After meeting her man’s parents, Kela thought her and Romir’s relationship would blossom. She had no idea that the same night of meeting his parents would be her last night seeing him. Now she’s left with a broken heart, only to find out the truth later down the line.
Tonya and Juice really hit it off, and she’s finally ready to settle down, but someone gets into Juice’s ear, and that changes his view on Tonya altogether. Can she make him understand that she’s a changed woman and only wants him? Find out the endless drama in this final installment of I Still Love My Savage.