Royal Release

I Still Love My Savage

Faith has been doing her own thing, not thinking about love. She always gave her girls, Kela and Tonya, advice on finding love, but she never seemed to take her own advice. Could it be that the one she loves broke her heart, leaving her scorned for life? Will she reach out and get the closure she needs?
Promises don’t mean anything when you’re a boss. Romeo, better known as G-Rome, has been doing his thing in the rap game for a while. All the fame and fortune doesn’t change him. He’s still heavy in the dope game and took over his father’s legacy. His brother, Romir, is his headache. The two are different in more ways than one. Romeo runs into a blast from his past, and she’s more beautiful than before. The only problem is that he broke her heart back then. Can he at least get her to forgive him and start over, or will she say fuck him all together? Find out in this series, I Still Love My Savage!