Royal Release

Still The One For You

Whoever said love was enough, lied.

Married fresh out of high school, Xander ‘Xan’ and Tomelia ‘Tomi’ Williams are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. With a bond thicker than most, Xan and Tomi are committed to the vows they took, or at least they thought they were until the aisle they walked down separates, taking them on opposite paths. 

Stuck caring for his ailing parents, Xan foregoes college and enters the workforce to pay for their piling medical bills. The jobs that he works are dead end and pay very little, but Xan doesn’t mind as long as his parents are taken care of. Xan loves Tomi within the depths of his soul and couldn’t wish for a more loyal lady. 

Now the breadwinner of the family, Tomi feels unloved and is tired of carrying the load on her back. She understands that being an only child, Xan wants to do everything he can for his parents, but it’s driving a wedge between the two of them and causing her to resent him. In search of peace from her home life, she finds some relief in monetary form from well-known Shea Reed. She learns quickly that everything that glitters isn’t gold, but will it be too late to work things out with Xander, the one man that loves her unconditionally?