Royal Release

The Streets Made Me a Savage


X’Zeryka ‘X’ Toole had been a boss since before she could walk. Love came second and it was something she could care less about—unless it had to do with the streets. Known in the streets to be ruthless with a low tolerance level, she fell short in the love department. That is, until she got a whiff of Anthony ‘Tony’ Monroe. Tony was everything that X needed, yet even something that seems so good could be bad too. The situationship that Tony and X finds themselves in forces her to deal with feelings that she had been keeping to herself. Will X admit her feelings for Tony? Or will she continue to be the ruthless queen she’s known to be in the streets? While X thinks Tony maybe the one for her, he has hidden agendas. Will X find out before it’s too late? Or will love have her so blinded that she lets her guard down?

Juvian ‘Juvy’ King is a man who is hungry for life. Uninterested in love, his primary focus is money and revenge. That is, until he begins to develop feelings towards his rider, Flema. Juvy has never been the type to love since being ripped away from his family, but with Flema he just might have to take the L—Love that is. When he comes across X and she piques his interest, will he second guess his feelings for Flema?
In the midst of X and Juvy’s personal issues, heartache, chaos, and destruction are brewing, causing them to be the savages they grew accustomed to being. Will the uproar of their street life impact their personal lives?