Royal Release

The Streets Made Me Savage 2


Still trying to deal with Tony’s latest antics, X finds herself in awe of her number two goon, Rondon, and protégé, Juvy. X tries everything in her power to resist the feelings she feels for both of them. Will X’s feelings for both Rondon and Juvy leave her with a broken heart or possibly dead?
In the midst of dealing with past and current criminal issues, X learns valuable information that will push her rapidly to leave the streets forever. During the most chaotic time in X’s life, a blast from the past appears and starts to shake things within her heart, making her tasks difficult to complete. Will X finally forgive Tony and set them both free? How will she handle the strong urges for Rondon and Juvy? Will she be able to escape her past discretions without being six feet deep?
Juvy is all over the place, and he’s still trying to find out why his family and others of Jundo Village were slaughtered. All leads pointed to X and that’s who he was set after until the truth starts to come out. With a new target in mind, The Savage Clique and Juvy team up to unravel the truth. During the unraveling of the truth, Juvy is placed in a battle between Flema and X. Juvy’s interest in X is at an all-time high, could it pose a threat to him finalizing things with those that killed his family? Will Juvy be living long enough to receive the answers he’s been seeking? Will he forgive those that changed him? Will he survive the catastrophe that’s brewing within a certain family?