Royal Release

Supreme & Serenity 2

Serenity found herself cuffed and behind bars for nearly five years before her innocence was proven. Once she was released, she quickly realized that the world didn’t stop when she was locked away. She had a hard time adjusting to life again and forgetting her life in jail. Now that she is home, Serenity jumps full swing into motherhood, wifely duties, and entrepreneurship. 

She has to keep busy to not worry about her man, because Supreme is deeper in the game than he was before she left. He is also keeping two secrets that may cost him his relationship with Serenity. His first secret, Charity, makes her presence known from the jump. While Serenity is upset, she has a secret of her own by the name of Spunky. Will the couple make it through their infidelities?

While Serenity was locked up, Supreme’s love and admiration for Blaze began to dwindle. He was the reason that Serenity was locked up in the first place. Supreme continues to build a trusting bond with his father while secretly planning Blaze’s early demise. While the father-son duo gets closer, Turk begins to get jealous of the attention that Supreme is receiving. After an almost fatal accident, Blaze begins to question Turk’s loyalty.

Supreme and Serenity’s world is turned completely upside down. Will love be enough to keep the couple together? Will Serenity continue to ride when all the secrets are all out on the table?