Royal Release

Supreme & Serenity 3

Supreme and Serenity are back! In this final installment, Serenity is pushing for Supreme to end his reign in the streets. The game and players have changed putting a big target on Supreme and his family’s backs. In his constant chase for clout, Supreme is missing the signs that something is amidst and someone close to him is not who they seem to be.

Serenity has her hands tied up with being a full-time entrepreneur, mother, and wife. Supreme’s long trips are taking a toll on her and the family. The kids are in their teens now and Serenity has to find the balance in raising them alone while Supreme is on the road. Serenity and Supreme are faced with a challenge when their daughter, Star, finds love on the opposite side of the tracks. Serenity knows how it feels to love the boy your father hates, but Supreme is not here for the young romance.
A blast from the past returns and threatens to destroy everything that Supreme and Serenity have worked hard fro.