Royal Release

Supreme & Serenity

Serenity has the life most girls would dream of. She lives in a lavish house next to her rich neighbors in a predominately white neighborhood. She is at the top of her Christian Academy class and rocks nothing but the latest fashions and designer labels. Her father, Blair, is an abuser but wants her to be successful. Serenity is a free spirit who finds love on the opposite side of the tracks, against her father’s wishes.

Supreme grew up in the foster care system where he aged out on his eighteenth birthday. He left his last home with nothing but a black trash bag of his belongings and a thirst to make money. With the help of a savage street ruffian, Blaze, money came to him easily and women flocked to him steadily.

Serenity and Supreme cross paths at a party and it is love at first sight. She is willing to risk it all just to be with him. But her father will do anything to keep them apart. Blair and Blaze have more in common than just the letter B in their first names. Blair and Blaze’s past may cost Serenity and Supreme their future.