Royal Release

The Coldest Dopeboy's Love 2

The gang is back, and all hell has broken loose. Consequence is fighting for his life. The very thing you love can be the very thing that kills you. The dopeboy lifestyle may take Consequence out, leaving Envy to deal with death and life by herself. Find out in this finale if Consequence can make it alive.

Envy enjoys the ride, but the obstacles to staying happy constantly overshadow the relationship. Just when she thinks life was giving her a break, Envy is left devastated and alone. Left to pick up the pieces in the time of Consequence’s absence, Envy can’t seem to get back to the girl she once was. With everyone surrounding her telling her she has to it’s a distant thought.

The final ride is all about love, redemption, retaliating and most of all healing. Every diamond has imperfections!