Royal Release

The Coldest Dopeboy's Love

Forced into the game by poverty and a deceased grandmother, Consequence knew without a doubt he was the illest dope boy. There is more to being a dope boy than slinging dope. It’s levels to everything. Consequence started at the bottom working his way up. He did what he had to do by any means. You know what they say: more money more problems. With more power came more jealous, envious people. To Consequence, money was the motive. If he wasn’t making money, it didn’t make sense. Getting him to care and love was practically unachievable and non-existent until he knew he was going to lose her: his best friend.

Envy was every man’s dream. She had it all from street smarts to book smarts. Growing up with a functional crackhead as a mother, Envy didn’t have it as hard as others in the hood. Her environment didn’t stop her hustle. The fear of losing Consequence forces her to become accustomed to his tendencies. He takes her love for granted knowing she’ll never leave his side. Envy is being used and abused emotionally by Consequence. Envy enjoys the ride, but the obstacles to staying happy constantly overshadow the relationship.

Love can be so beautiful yet painful in the same sense. Consequence struggles with the adjustment his heart is forcing him to make as he allows the woman he’s always loved into his life as more than a best friend. Will this prove to be the biggest mistake of Consequence’s life or will the coldest dopeboy remove the icebox where his heart used to be and finally give love a try?