Royal Release

The Descendants 2

With the death of his mother, and his father held captive by their enemies, Surreal found himself trusting the ones that surrounded him. But trusting the wrong one will cause a death that Surreal’s inner God can’t handle.

Surreal and his friends traveled on the sea and land to get to the Olympia Stadium. During their journey, Surreal encouraged Rico to accept Xaniah as a mate and provoked feelings out of Nova. Surreal tried to make her understand that he wouldn’t leave her and that it was okay for her to open up to him. Nova denied him of his request because of her past and forced his focus away from her. Surreal didn’t complain. He began to think of ways to get his father back from Jael and his brothers. An option was given when they rescued a descendant from Jael’s attack near a friend’s palace. Surreal trusted him enough to be in the group, but Xaniah wasn’t having it.

After displaying the power that she has, Nova had to answer more questions that the group has. She isn’t ready for that, but she knows that she has to give them something. When she did, Asteria threw her out of her mind and erased the encounter that they had. Yentle and Naomi told Nova what the Titan Goddess was capable of. Nova didn’t want to risk the chance of hurting her new loved ones and decided to keep her under. When she got more devastating news, Nova decided that the group would be better without her. With her bags packed and a window to crawl out of, a friend that she didn’t expect was waiting on the other side to lend her a helping hand.

A plan that was perfectly planned by Jael, had the descendants shook. He was willing to sacrifice it all to release his father from his tomb. With Bachman in the descendant’s group, Jael knew exactly what he needed to do to defeat them. He was going to eliminate the weakness of Surreal and Xaniah.

Will the descendants get it together in time, or will Jael’s sacrifice cause them internal pain?