Royal Release

The Descendants 3

The final piece of the descendants has joined the group. But will the warnings of Asteria, and the last encounter Surreal had with Bachman change his powerful foe into a dangerous enemy?

After the death of his father, Surreal made a promise to himself that he wouldn’t suffer another loss. While his best friend hangs on to his life, he feels that he needs protection from the woman that loves him more than her own life. His suspicion of her creates a rift in the bond that the group created throughout their journey. With no answers to his many questions, Surreal has no choice but to make assumptions about the last descendant of Poseidon. One being, Xaniah is not to be trusted.

Nova is on the same page as Real. She doesn’t trust Xaniah and wants to know everything about her. Nova tries to get more answers from King. King, being the loyal cousin, doesn’t give them more than what they already know. It becomes hard to believe anything that is said when Xaniah starts showing a different side of herself that no one expects. Nova wants to believe that Xaniah is good, but her last conversation with Asteria made it clear that Xaniah’s plans are not for the group.

The queen has finally joined the ranks and doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings but the one she calls her king. Xaniah knows what she wants and keeps it a secret from the ones that can’t help her achieve her prize. All of the entities that are in her agree with her method and follow along without any problems. But after being questioned by many, an outburst from her darker half shows its face and shakes some souls.

Jael levels up and has his army ready for the epic battle that he promised the Queen of Hell. But will the queen’s team be prepared for the enemies they thought were resting?