Royal Release

The Hitta Next Door: A Dangerous Love

Love is a dangerous game, and Tracey and Boston are playing Russian Roulette with their hearts and their lives.

Tracey was forced to grow up too fast. When her father passed, and with her mother being more concerned with chasing a high than raising her daughters, she became the sole caregiver for herself and her rebellious little sister, Toni. With trying to rein Toni in already being a constant distraction, an even bigger distraction then comes along when a U-Haul truck pulls up right next door.

Boston was a man about his business. His reputation preceeded him before the Cuban Mob called him to handle one of the biggest jobs of his career. As always, he planned every step, and was on the path to success and cashing in. But then, he met Tracey, and the one thing that he had no contingency plan for threw him completely off his square. Now he has to decide whether love is worth risking his life and reputation for.

When you find out that you’re sleeping with the enemy, do you place your life in his hands, or take him out before he does the same to you? When power is the motive, there’s no loyalty but, as the details unfold, Tracey and Boston just may end up needing each other in order to survive.