Royal Release

The Lovin' He Wants, The Thuggin' She Needs

From the age of twelve, Jonessy Price has been the backbone of her family, picking up where her mother left off after walking out on her father seventeen years ago. Unlike most of the women her age, Jonessy is burdened with caring for her mentally handicapped sister, Persia, and hustling up law school tuition for the middle Price, Mali, while running Price Funeral Home. Jonessy isn’t content with the life she leads, but she sticks to it because she knows her sisters need her. However, one night and four bullets change her entire family’s dynamic. When tragedy strikes, Jonessy is forced to lean on a trio of infamous family friends, the notorious Damage Wilde and his trigger happy twin brothers, Casanova and Casablanca. What starts as a promise to a loyal friend to keep his daughters safe quickly turns into a love story.

With an unorthodox takeover story, the Wilde Brothers have reigned over Brooklyn for over a decade. Their reach spans further than the borough, with solidified relationships throughout the city’s underworld that make them a force to deal with in the financial world. At the helm of the operation is Damage, whose mysterious nature is felt more on the streets than he is seen. Casablanca is a moving shadow, content with being the action behind his brothers’ words. A trap ethicist with a trigger finger as lethal as his heart, Casanova Wilde lives up to his surname, commanding the streets with a presence that the reclusive Damage lacks and picking up the role of mouthpiece that Casablanca has rejected. When Damage proposes they take in the Price Sisters after the murder of their father, Casanova is convinced the trio moving in will make for an uncomfortable living situation. His assumption proves to be right; there’s static between him Jonessy from the jump. What he doesn’t bank on is that static turning into the pursuit of the first woman to ever leave a warm impression on his cold heart.

In the midst of Casanova and Jonessy’s love affair is an unknown enemy hiding in plain sight. Leon’s death acts as not only the end of life as the Price Sisters know it, but the beginning of a war standing to destroy everything the Wilde Brothers have built.