Royal Release

The Most Savage Christmas Ever

When Idris left the streets, his wife, Wisdom, was ecstatic. She didn’t know that Idris was going to trade his late-night hustling for late-night clubbing. There is no question that he makes good money being a promoter, but Wisdom feels alone in her marriage. As the mother of two young children and a business owner, Wisdom is feeling more and more overwhelmed. All of the talks that she has with Idris about the matter seem to be going in one ear and out the other. Feeling like she can show him better than she can tell him, Wisdom makes an effort to get Idris’s attention, and the reaction that he gives is one that she never expected. Wisdom is devastated and on the brink of ending her marriage until one night changes how she views her marriage. 

Being that his mother died when he was young, Idris doesn’t care for holidays. Anger from his childhood and traumatic events from his past have caused Idris to do some things that he isn’t exactly proud of. A few weeks before Christmas, Idris has an experience that will change his outlook on life forever, but will he survive the night? Idris isn’t sure what’s happening when he’s visited by three ghosts of Christmas. One from the past, the present, and the future. They all urge Idris to value a second chance at life, if he is given one.

Egypt and Iman are expecting a child, and if it’s one thing that Iman has learned, it’s that whenever he gets a woman pregnant, she loses her mind. Pregnancy hormones have Egypt all out of character, and Iman isn’t sure just how much more he can take. He’s on the verge of snapping until his child is fighting to survive. It’s then that Iman learns that trivial things shouldn’t be given energy. Why waste time bickering and arguing when none of us truly know when we will take our last breath? Iman learns this lesson the hard way, and he can only hope that God has mercy on his family and that his one wish for Christmas comes to fruition.