Royal Release

The One For Me 2

After being kidnapped LaLa tries to move forward with her life for her and her baby. Her relationship with Dee is taking a toll on her and she is trying everything to keep it together. The relationship is getting tough for the both of them and with Dee and his constant mess up , might run LaLa away. They both want to stay together for the baby sake, but will they relationship be too toxic to handle ? Dee has some problems of his own dealing with Raven and her Mess that he is also keeping from LaLa. LaLa best friend Ty, Also knows but is not going to say anything to her friend. Ty feels that, that is not her business to tell & that she has her own problems. Ty and Polan both have some ups and down, but stick through it all even with the baby being born. With all the chaos going between Polan and Tim people A mystery person pops back up into Polan life trying to claim what they had. Polan tries his best to keep that person at a distant, but when a secret is revealed and Ty finds out Will Ty have what it takes to keep it together and stay in this relationship?

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