Royal Release

The One For Me 3

With Lala doing the unthinkable and putting her and her baby at risk, her life slowly spirals out of control.

In the mist of being angry and hormonal, she tells DeMir the unthinkable without really thinking. What she said was too much to handle, but Dee leaves with his pride in his way. Dee knew that the way he handled the situation was not the way to go about it, but with his pride in the way and trying to get back at Lala for what she did to him, he may have lost her for good.

When Lala runs into a good friend of Polan’s, named Jru, she thought that he might be the person she’s been looking for this whole time. He’s nice, charming and loves her son like he’s his. With a broken heart from the past and trust issues, Lala tries to exceed from that and try to be the best she can be to him. But will she be able to?

In this finale, anything is possible!

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