Royal Release

The One For Me

With eighteen-year-old Layla Jones just graduating from high school and the summer just starting, she and her best friend, Ty, are doing what teens in the Beach Grove Projects do best: they turn up.

Lala finds herself falling for Dee, the cousin of Ty's boyfriend, Polan, while still in a relationship with her boyfriend, Trey. Dee is feeling Lala just as much as she is feeling him, but will his fear for falling for a female like Layla be too much for him? A wild night between the both of them start something, but will it last with all the flings from his past still lurking around?

Ty and her boyfriend, Polan, have been together for almost a year now. Polan loves Tylen and she loves him back, but when something from the past comes up and a tragedy occurs, will their love sustain?

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