Royal Release

The Purest Love For The Coldest Thug 3

In the finale to The Purest Love for The Coldest Thug, a deeper, darker side of Kisan Williams is about to be unleashed for all to see. A side that not many get to see at all, and those that do wish they hadn’t. But finding out that the little girl that he loves dearly isn’t even his own flesh and blood is bound to send him into a path of pure rage and destruction. And anybody that stands in his way will have to be prepared to face the dire consequences.

Solána Winters never would have thought that this year would take such a toll on her life. Falling in love with a man like Kisan, only for him to break her heart, was something she tried to convince herself was a mistake. Adopting Kisan’s savage ways and refusing to get back in a relationship with him seemed like the only logical option, until she quickly realizes that being a savage was never in her playing cards. But can she willingly allow herself to be Kisan’s girl again with all the baggage that comes with him and the baggage in her own life?

Follow The Winters Sisters and The Williams Cousins on this final journey as battle lines are crossed, drama reaches its boiling point, and love continues to endure. Who will survive this tale, and who will fall?