Royal Release

The Purest Love For The Coldest Thug: A Williams Christmas Novella

The Williams Savages are back and still crazy as ever. Christmas is known to be the happiest time of the year but when problems arise amongst the gang, happiness is the last thing on their minds…

Kisan Williams had never felt better. With his beautiful wife, Solána, right by his side, their newborn daughter, Zhavia, and his six-year-old, Luciana, life truly felt wonderful. Now out of the game, Kisan is focused on living a stress free, legal life and coming home safe and sound to his girls every single night. However, when an old flame makes him an offer that he can’t refuse, Kisan and Solána’s marriage is tested. Tested to a point that Solána finds herself questioning their commitment to one another. Is this the end of their beloved bond?

Everything seems to be working and flowing just right in Khaleeq Williams’s life. Deciding to leave the game with his older cousin to focus on their legal business and spend more time with his one-year-old daughter, Isabella, and his gorgeous wife, Monalisa, seemed ideal initially. Until Mona starts working late, wearing less, and going out more. Making Khaleeq suspect the worst… is his beloved wife cheating on him?

Sabrina Winters never knew that from the second she crossed paths with Kadeem Williams, her life would never be the same ever again. After dealing with the abuse from her ex-boyfriend and then his sudden death, Sabrina vowed to focus on herself and getting back on track. Moving to Atlanta seemed like the smartest idea until she returns home to Miami, for Christmas, only to collide with the very same man that she tried to convince herself she was done with. 

Being left in charge of The Santora Cartel was a challenge that Kadeem Williams was more than happy to take. Until he realizes that the challenge is willing to overthrow him. Kadeem is forced to boss up and learn to stand on his own two feet without the help of his cousins. And then there’s Sabrina Winters. The woman he loved dearly and was desperate to get back with until she showed no efforts to let him back into her life. So he left her alone, no longer trying to force what his heart desperately wants and set her free for good. However, when Sabrina realizes that Kadeem’s all she truly wants, her confidence is shattered to find out that he’s finally moved on… But is she prepared to fight for him?

This exciting journey with The Williams is surely about to have you on the edge of your seat. Will everyone finally get their happy endings? Or will everything crumble to unfixable pieces on the world’s most loved and joyous holiday?