Royal Release

The Thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice

Sometimes our very wants are not exactly what we need.

Cherish Denise learns from every trial and tribulation in the most horrible way. Not only does this young teen change from the nerdy plus side girl next door to the thick, busty and voluptuous woman. She becomes exactly what she never wanted to be after secretly falling in love with her handsome, chocolate neighbor Khalil. Cherish finds herself the subject of ridicule as she is turned down and placed in the “best friend” zone.

Until she meets Caine, a thug from Georgia who literally knocks the socks right off her feet. They hit it off instantly, not knowing he was about to Inflict the worst pain on her.

Caine seemed like the perfect guy at first with just a little street and thugness.
Until he shakes up Cherish’s world, shows his true colors and motives, which sends Cherish up a valley of “no self-esteem and desperation.”

There are so many hurdles to climb in her life. Will Cherish embrace her flaws? Love herself unconditionally? Will Cherish and Khalil make it through the hurdles meant to tear them apart? Or will Caine take her on a complete whirlwind.

Who knows, but this chick needs more than time to figure out her life as college approaches and these men can’t stop wanting to sample her like a sweet Georgia peach. Stay tuned and find out….Why it’s the thicker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice…..