Royal Release

The Thug That Secured Her Heart

Love was never on the agenda for Azia Price. She was too focused on building her career, putting it way above love and even herself. Landing an unexpected job at a top marketing firm was a dream come true. And now that a major opportunity for her to become partner pops up, the ambitious beauty is determined to land the new job role. Until everything starts spiraling uncontrollably once her boss’s son, a man too good looking to be true, crashes into her world, threatening everything she has worked so hard to build…by snatching her new dream job.

Kalmon Howard is a man who is no stranger to success. Ruling the streets and making endless amounts of cash are just two of the many accomplishments of this sexy, yet ruthless businessman. Never being one to shy away from the sword, Kalmon does anything to protect his family and empire. And those that try to cross him, always wish they hadn’t. After his last headache dealing with his ex, love is the last thing on Kalmon’s mind. He’s more concerned with diving into new business ventures and he sets his sights on the one company he helped build from the ground up. He never had an issue earning respect from anyone…until Azia Price stepped into his life.

Like a bee to honey, Azia is drawn to Kalmon and despite her mind convincing her to stay away from this bold stranger, their hold on each other is too powerful. But while the pair become more acquainted, hidden truths start crawling out from every direction. Neither Kalmon nor Azia could have imagined how connected they would become or realize how connected their lives truly are. But they’re surely about to find out and life will never be the same again. Passion and desire fill the pages of this love tale but most of all, deceit. Kalmon secures Azia’s heart but will he also be the person who ultimately breaks it?