Royal Release

These Hoes Ain’t Loyal 3

These Hoes Ain’t Loyal…and men ain’t either. Well, at least the few in Jasmine’s life don’t seem to be. After walking away from friendships and relationships where trust and loyalty no longer existed, she takes a second chance at love with Tristan.

Life has a way of changing your plans without your permission. As Jasmine deals with life’s alterations, she struggles with her trust issues that continue to threaten her peace and sanity in her new relationship. Unfortunately, her decision to give in to temptation and her curiosity brings on more drama than she’s emotionally ready to handle. Who would have thought that a ménage a trois that began with pure ecstasy could possibly end in a sorrow that they may live to regret?

As Breona continues to suffer from what many blame on the hands of karma, she learns just how true the statement “karma’s a bitch” really is! Although she may have learned many life lessons from her mistakes, some lessons are harder to learn. Sometimes being disloyal can carry a deadly price. Does karma finally catch up with Breona to collect her debt in the finale of These Hoes Ain’t Loyal III?