Royal Release

They Don't Know About Us 2: A Love Story

Life has a funny way of taking a detour when you think everything is perfect. Riley is wrapped up in her blissful relationship with Rowdy. She’s figuring out her place in Rowdy and Infinity’s life, but she has some questions about Coco’s actual role in the household. Also, she’s being pressured by her mother, Diana, to leave this fantasy of being in a serious relationship with Rowdy alone because Diana is dead set on making Riley marry Will.
Rowdy has found his way, and life is looking up for him. He still has a lot going on in his personal life and is trying to figure out how to manage being in a relationship with Riley, keeping Cretia’s worrisome self at bay, and stopping the controlling sexual desires that Coco possesses over him. Also Tricky is continuing to come at him sideways because Rowdy doesn’t want to be involved in his affairs. Tensions are mounting, and Rowdy is trying to handle it all to the best of his ability.
Pressure bursts pipes, and with all the mounting issues that are coming from people in Riley and Rowdy’s lives, it will not only test their commitment to each other but also cause them to question their relationships with the people in their lives. Each has a group of naysayers trying to tear them apart, and there will come a time when identities are discovered, truths will be revealed, and tempers will flare. Can Riley and Rowdy’s love for one another hold them together to build a future?