Royal Release

They Don't Know About Us 3

Tempers are raging when Rowdy is faced with a harsh reality that he never thought he’d encounter. Infinity is at the hospital, fighting for her life, while Coco challenges the same fate somewhere else. He has to cope with all this uncertainty by himself, and if only Riley were there to keep him calm and help him through this tough time, maybe it would help Rowdy from becoming unnerved.
Diana forced Riley to break up with Rowdy with hopes that she would go back to Will, but Riley had another course of action planned for them. She would never go back to a loveless relationship with Will, even if it meant she would lose everything. Riley knew that her father was in control of her future, so all of Diana’s idled threats would fall on deaf ears.
Lies, betrayal, and murder seem to be the path that all these dysfunctional relationships are heading toward with the hopes that, somehow, love will conquer all. Loyalties will be questioned and pushed to the test while relationships and friendships will come to an end. There are so many things mounted up against a love affair that was destined to be. It will leave you questioning whether the statement that Rowdy once told Riley was true. ‘They Don’t Know About Us.’