Royal Release

Thirsty For a Boss: I Don't Wanna Be Loved

Layla Rich is a gorgeous, confident, hard working go-getter, well at least that’s what she tells everyone. Below her flawless surface lies a lost little girl who harbors deeply rooted self worth and rejection issues. Envying the life of celebrities like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian she does anything to mimic a life like theirs. Using her Instagram popularity to build her ego and mask her insecurities she discovers a way to make it profitable.

Justice Blue knows all about hard work. Unlike Layla she has worked hard for everything she has, including her relationship with her male best friend Dymir. Throughout the years she has always been the loyal, trustworthy friend turned sister that Dymir could depend on. No longer wanting to be in the friend zone Justice realizes that she can’t let yet another scandalous female get in the way of her and Dymir’s true love.

The handsome Dymir Cooper grew up in Baltimore County. With his street savvy cousin L.A. in his ear they managed to come up together taking over the heroin game in B-More City. Even though L.A. brought him into the game Dymir allowed his business savviness coupled with street knowledge to put him at the top of the food chain. Daily Dymir battles with his conscience and inner demons and comes to the realization that there is no place in the game for a man with a heart.
In his search for real love and freedom from the streets he meets Layla and quickly becomes enamored with her beauty. Literally Layla uses all of her assets to captivate his senses. While Dymir throws all of his common sense out of the window Justice see’s through Layla’s superficial facade.

As Layla, Justice, Dymir and L.A.’s world’s collide the drama unfolds. Page for page their secrets are revealed. Will Justice allow Layla to sink her scandalous claws into Dymir’s heart? How long will it take for Dymir to realize Layla’s beauty is only skin deep? Will L.A. allow Dymir to leave the game peacefully?