Royal Release

Thirsty For a Boss 2: I Don’t Wanna Be Loved

Yet again Layla believes that she has landed herself a boss. The moment she thought she could slither her way back into Dymir’s life she experiences a rude awakening when Justice proves that she isn’t going to give him up without a fight.

When Dymir openly proclaims his love to Justice, Layla plots revenge and sets her scandalous sights on whom she feels is the next best contender, LA.

Layla and LA are two of a kind. Both sneaky and conniving matching each other’s sly. Neither of them are in search of love. Initially coming together to prove a point to Dymir and Justice, they soon discover that they actually may have feelings for each other.
Lines of loyalty are crossed and unexpected bonds are formed as the duo look forward to the biggest come up of their lifetime.

But no one anticipates what will happen when everything doesn’t go as planned.
Will Layla and LA get to live happily ever after? Or will karma have the biggest feast ever eating up everyone involved alive?

There’s only one way to find out. Dive into the pages of Thirsty For A Boss 2 : I Don’t Wanna Loved.