Royal Release

This Game We Play: No Rules With Love

Young and successful, Alexandria Witt, has found herself in a world full of drama. Heartbroken and lost from her previous relationship with Brandon Taylor, she only has her friends to look to for guidance. Yet her friends may be leading her down the wrong path. Even though she has her doubts, she attempts to piece together her heart with the charming Nicholas Bennett, hoping this time she hasn’t made a mistake.

But Brandon refuses to give up on Alexandria. Of course they’ve had their ups and downs but, what relationship hasn’t? Is what he has done really that unforgivable? He feels he has no choice but to show Alexandria they belong together no matter the risk. Despite what his homeboy, Vonte Johnson, thinks he has to win her love back. However, Brandon has no limits and even wonders to himself just how far he will go.

When Vonte sees how ridiculous his homeboy is being, he feels the need to protect Alexandria…after all, the way he sees it Alexandria should belong to him. Soon he befriends her and warns her of Brandon’s crazy way in hopes to get Brandon out of the picture and take his rightful place and have his chance at love.