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Til Death Do We Part: A Domestic Violence Anthology

Hand in the Cookie Jar by Vivian Blue
Gabrielle Branson is a middle school teacher who loves God and honors her marriage with her college sweetheart, Graham. Being a plus-sized woman, her husband constantly reminds her of her weight issues with his cruel nicknames and insults. As Gabrielle tries to lose weight to appease her husband, she begins to realize that her mental health is what’s more important.

Principal Alexander is the head of the school where Gabrielle teaches, and he’s had a crush on her for a while. He has an inclination for thick women because of his southern roots, and he feels that it’s time that he applies a little pressure to see if he can turn the head of the Family And Consumer Science (FACS) teacher that’s got his eye. He begins to flirt with Gabrielle and soon becomes her workout partner, which helps to boost Gabrielle’s confidence. This draws them closer and begins to make Gabrielle question her faithfulness towards her husband. Graham notices a change in his wife and begins to wonder what this will mean to their marriage. Is what’s good for the goose also good for the gander?

The Spirit Bohannon Story by Alexus Dominique
At the tender age of 16, Spirit Bohannon has a lot resting on her shoulders. Coming from a rather large family, she has to carry her own weight to help her parents get the bills paid on time. The fear of possibly losing her sanity behind all of the bills piling up runs her into the arms of Saieed “Fendi” Morris, a self-paid, 22-year-old who promises her the finer things in life. Spirit is all in. Being so financially stable, Fendi gave Spirit just what she’d been praying for: financial comfort. She was able to live carefree. She didn’t have to worry about the stress of struggling to pay bills. Spirit would do anything not to go back to the struggle. That is, until Fendi’s sweet love turns cold and his kisses turn into blows. There comes a point when Spirit has to make a choice between having the desires of her heart and having her life. Come along for this very dangerous and emotional ride as Spirit’s life shifts what seems to be overnight. Watch as she learns that more money really does bring more problems.

Only When You’re Lonely by Fatima Munroe
“Everybody doesn’t want to see you shine, even those that break bread with you.”
– Tamara

Abuse is more than just physical; sometimes, it’s mental as well. Meet Tamara Summer, a self-proclaimed ‘legit hustler’ who runs across Charles Barr, a.k.a. Juice, and gets more than she bargained for. One minute she believes she’s in love, the next minute she’s questioning herself and everything that she knows to be true. When it’s all said and done, she learns a valuable lesson about love and relationships the hard way.