Royal Release

'Til The End Of Time: Loyalty Before Dishonor

by Mo'Nik

Michiko and Kaori Li are more than siblings, they are best friends. After losing their father, Michiko steps up as the man of the house to help their mother raise Kaori. Willing to make money by any means necessary, he dives head-first into the streets in order to provide.

Akili, Kaori’s first love and Michiko’s childhood best friend, is loyal to Michiko and always by his side. Even though his relationship with Kaori is a secret from her possessive brother, his love for her runs deep. However, Akili isn’t quite who he seems to be and when Michiko and Kaori finally discover his truth, it’ll be too late.

Michiko is deep in the game, and when someone sets him up, he is sent to prison for life, leaving Kaori all alone with a thirst for revenge. Everyone in Michiko’s circle is a suspect and Kaori won’t stop until she figures out who she can or can’t trust. Will she avenge her brother and live happily ever after with Akili? Or will she meet the same fate as her beloved brother?