Royal Release

To Pimp a Butterfly 2: Chasing a Dream

by Virgo

In the aftermath of Supreme’s attack, Dream, Camryn, and Camille try to put the pieces back together. Dream is still on a journey to free herself from the clutches of Supreme. As the truth about Bronx’s paternity is revealed, Dream not only has to fight to free herself from Supreme, but she becomes enthralled in a feud with her own parents. If it were not for the support of Camryn and Camille, Dream would surely crumble under the pressure.

Camille has come to realizations of her own. Always the supportive friend and sister, she is on a path of self-discovery and in search of true love. Shouldering the problems of her loved ones takes a toll on her causing Camille to become withdrawn much to the bewilderment of Camryn and Dream. They look to her for support and when they don’t get it, they realize something is really wrong and don’t know how to fix it.

Camryn is stuck in between taking a chance on love and seeking revenge. She wants to love Damion, but her past and her head get in her way. Even though Damion accepts her for who she is and sees the world of potential in her, Camryn can’t seem to see the same potential in herself. When Supreme tries to snatch her chance at a normal life away from her, it sends her on a war path. Camille will stop at nothing to make sure Supreme pays for his crimes against her, Damion, and Dream.