Royal Release

To Pimp a Butterfly: Chasing a Dream

by Virgo

Dream Marchand is the epitome of prestige and privilege. Heir to a lineage of power and influence, she has the life that every girl dreams of, and she’s poised to fall right in line with the expectations of her philanthropic mother and Nobel Prize-worthy father—until she does the one thing that shames her family most and falls for a guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Supreme lives a life that’s worlds away from Dream, and when she finally realizes that he’s truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing, she soon discovers that she simply traded one nightmare for another.

Drowning in a world where her body is like Visa—accepted everywhere—Dream’s only saving grace is the unlikely sisterhood she’s formed with two of the best to ever do it, Camryn and Camille. Twins who do everything together in and out of the bedroom, these ladies seem like the only ones willing to help Dream escape the prison that has become her life. Supreme is true to his name though, and he’s not about to lose his MVP. Will Dream get out before it’s too late?