Royal Release

Torn between a Boss and a Real One

When Kanai is sentenced to twelve years in prison, the love of his life, Adore, is heartbroken. Despite the obstacles thrown at them, Adore is determined to ride for her man. She’s aware that the average person would call her dumb, but the bond she shared with Kanai was one that could never be broken, or so she thought. Not only does Adore keep the visits coming and the money on Kanai’s books, she also takes over his multi-million-dollar drug empire. Between running Kanai’s business and remaining loyal to him during his bid, Adore doesn’t have much time to dwell on the fact that what she wants most in the world, Kanai can’t give her. Having suffered two miscarriages before he went away, Adore is saddened by the fact that it doesn’t look like she will ever be able to have a child, but that doesn’t even stop her from remaining by her man’s side. Four years into his bid, Kanai tells Adore to groom his cousin Ishon to take over the business. Adore is elated, but her joy is short-lived when she discovers that the man she loves more than life has betrayed her in a way that she will never fully recover from.

Ishon is a grown man, depending on his girlfriend’s paychecks to keep their bills paid, and that doesn’t sit well with him. When he receives an offer from his cousin to make some fast cash, Ishon doesn’t see how he could say no. His girl is tired of supporting them, and he’s tired of having to depend on her. When Ishon meets Adore, he’s mesmerized by the gorgeous, mature, loyal, and wealthy woman. The way that Adore lives has Ishon fascinated and ready to start making the same kind of money. The longer he’s around Adore, the more Ishon begins to dig her personality. He knows she’s off limits, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to be around her as much as he can, which ultimately leads to a decision that can ruin lives and destroy relationships.

Mia had her heart broken by her boyfriend, Grip, and once she was done grieving the loss of her relationship, her main focus was to get back out there and find a man to save her. Her first night out, she runs into the arrogant and rude Kenzo ‘Yacht’ Thomas, and she decides right then and there that instead of finding a man to save her, she will save herself. While Yacht was doing a bid in prison, his girlfriend played him, and he came home with one agenda: to get money. With a thriving record label, he refuses to even entertain the idea of falling in love. There are only two things a woman can do for him, and neither of those things involve his heart. However, he soon becomes bored with just one nighting women and sets his sights on the one woman that doesn’t seem interested in him.