Royal Release

Tru Bliss 2: A Reckless Love Story

Your fav four are back, and the saga continues as these girls can’t seem to steer clear of drama. With Landon doing time and Demi clinging on to her life, Nova and Bliss only have each other to count on. As the two work to maintain the newly opened GLOW boutique, their love lives quickly take a front seat to all the chaos in their lives. 
After nursing a broken heart, Bliss is still with bad boy Tru, but as the two start to merely coexist in their relationship, Bliss gets a whiff of the infamous Saint. Saint is a man of many talents, especially stealing Bliss’s heart. When the two get together, their energy seems to be magnetic. Even knowing that they are breaking all the rules with their dangerous affair, they ultimately still fall in love without any warning. Bliss thinks that Tru is out of the picture, but you know what they say. Tru love never dies. Will Tru let her go that easily, or will Bliss and Saint both be in for a deadly surprise? 

As Nova juggles her time between GLOW, tending to Demi, and riding for Landon, her only sweet spot seems to be the man in her life, Caleb. Caleb is everything that Nova wants in a man, or so she thinks. When jealousy and insecurity threaten to break them apart, Nova finds herself falling for an old flame. Will Nova be able stick it out with Caleb, who is dealing with his own demons, or will she take a Chance on someone else? 

As truths are revealed about Caleb and Nova’s relationship, Nova finds herself questioning everything in her life, even her own father. Casper Madison is something like a ghetto success story; coming from nothing, he eventually acquires everything he’s ever wanted. Always being a daddy’s girl, Nova never thought that she would be questioning her father’s authenticity, but he leaves her no choice when he starts to move shadily. All families have secrets, right? But some secrets are costlier than others. 

Come take a ride along with these girls once again as they endure life’s loves and losses, all while trusting in the faith of friendship.