Royal Release

Tru Bliss 3: A Reckless Love Story

How would life be for Bliss, Nova, Landon, and Demi without just a little dose of drama? As each of the girls follow their hearts into the arms of some of the most infamous men in Virginia, true motives are revealed, bonds are broken, and relationships are tested.

Demi is fresh out of a life-threatening coma, and she can’t come to the realization why her ex, Scooter, would take his own life and leave her alone. True to her faith and believing in a higher power, Demi steers clear of anything that resembles love; that is until Dru Roman bumps into her life. Dru embodies every bad boy that your mother warned you about with his tantalizing charm and recent jail stint. As Demi deals with her seizure disorder, she realizes that Dru just might be the person to help her heal. Will Demi be able to reform Dru’s rebel ways, or will Dru just prove to be just another bad boy with player ways?

Nova is still dealing with the aftermath of her father being arrested, but Bernard, AKA Beans, comes and takes her mind to other places. What is Nova going to do with Beans and his lethal hands, thug demeanor, and baggage for days? Will Nova be up for the challenge of taming the wild and free Beans while becoming his thug misses, or will she continue to let real love slip right through her fingers?

Bliss, the wanted one, is yet again put in a sticky situation as she is caught in a spicy love triangle. There is Saint, who is dangerous and mysterious but can open up Bliss’s heart to love and will not let her go without a fight. Then there’s Kassidy, Bliss’s very own superman, or so she thought. After falling madly in love with Kassidy, Bliss is yet again disappointed with love when he disappears for two years without ever saying bye, only to return out of nowhere, making Bliss’s heart do backflips. Bliss now has a tough decision to make between the two men, or will her notorious ex, Tru, make it for her.

“We from Virginia, where ain’t no snitchin’ allowed.”

Whoever made up that unspoken rule must not have known that someone had a vendetta against the infamous Snowman, and they’re not going to stop until Snow is a distant memory to the streets. All hail the new King because Snow definitely won’t be it.
Get ready to take a dive into another reckless love story, and remember that ignorance isn’t always Bliss.