Royal Release

Tru Bliss: A Reckless Love Story

In a world full of disloyalty, abuse, addiction and life’s hardships Nova, Bliss, Demi and Landon learn that though life may have its struggles it’s all about the GLOW up. Though the girls are all vastly different their worlds seem to intertwine forcing them to learn the hard way that sometimes blood isn’t always thicker than water and real friendships do exist. The Madison Home for girls is where it all started, where a bond was formed between the girls that would be forever ingrained in them.

Bliss is introduced to the world of love and luxury when she meets young baller Tru but it is worth the black eyes that she has to conceal with makeup and lies. Nova finds herself battling the demons from her past, but we all know that our past has a funny way of sneaking up on us. Landon is just trying to start her life a new but bad boys and the street life prove to be a seductive but dangerous combination for her. Lastly, there is Demi who just wants to live a little and break free from her middle school sweetheart as she enters the world of temptation, deceit and betrayal.

As each young woman navigates through the world while dealing with their own personal struggles they soon realized that every secret has its day to come to the light and the mean streets of Virginia will suck you in and spit you out. Will they reach their ultimate ‘TRU BLISS’ or will they succumb to a life that they tried so hard to escape. . .