Royal Release

Turned Out By A Bulletproof God

With a baby due any day, Tori is trying her best to be patient with her boyfriend and father of her child, Ares. But when he gets caught in the strip club with his pants down, she has no problem dragging him out by his collar. After going into labor because of that, Tori is beginning to think twice about her relationship with Ares. Just as she began to put the past behind them, Ares past catches up.

Ares has always been known as a lady’s man. After getting Tori pregnant, he vowed to put his childish ways behind him and do right by her—or at least he tries. When three of his stash houses get robbed, Ares is forced to hit the streets and do what he knows to get his product back. Ares being out more causes a strain on his relationship with Tori which leaves the door open for anyone to impose on it.

In the city of Miami, the DiBiasi name rang bells. However, that didn’t stop outsiders from trying to come in and take the throne. When it comes to gunning for the DiBiasi position, you had to be willing to die to take it because that was the only way to gain it.