Royal Release

Turned Out By A Certified Boss 2

After finding out that Op is still married, Sage is crushed, but refusing to lose sleep over another no-good dude, she focuses on her plans to graduate early. After taking an important step toward her future in D.C., she takes a trip back home to Dallas, only to learn that her dad and little brother need her now more than ever. Will she put her family first or keep her eye on the prize and chase her dreams?
Op has a huge epiphany: he’s in love with Sage and needs her now more than ever. Finding out she popped smoke and left him to deal with his mess alone, he hits the road, determined to win her back and bring her home by any means necessary. Just when he believes he has things back on track, the DNA results come in. Will the results ruin his chances with Sage and deal one final blow he’s unable to recover from?
Sharonda and Cedrick are two lovers scorned, but they’re not about to go down without a fight. Both determined to reclaim Sage and Op, they set a plan in motion that may bring all involved to their knees. Will they have their way in the end, or will Sage and Op ride off into the sunset and leave the two of them drowning in regret?
Divorce, DNA results, the family business of selling sex—it’s a big pot of drama that leads to an explosive finale! When a run-in with Sharonda and Honey leads to an all-out brawl, these characters are all pulled into an ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat!