Royal Release

Turned Out By A Certified Boss 3

After being blinded by love and led into a trap, Sage uses everything she has to defeat her enemy, but when Teddy does a surprise pop-up to come to her rescue, Sharonda quietly makes her escape. With Saffron left barely clinging to life, Sage is forced to make a decision: does she chase Sharonda down and get revenge, or stick beside the sister that’s never shown an ounce of real love for her? Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, Sage learns a family secret that leaves her questioning everything she ever thought was real…

As soon as news of Sage’s kidnapping hits his ears, Op wastes no time putting a plan in place to find Sharonda and dead the drama— by any means necessary. Big has just handed the family empire over to him, and with plans to propose to Sage in the works, things couldn’t have gone left at a worse time, forcing Op to call in reinforcements to track Sharonda down. Will they find her before she has a chance to wreak more havoc on the family? Or will Sharonda have the last laugh?

More lies. More secrets. Death. And the revelation of who’s really the father of Sharonda’s baby— that’s what you can expect in this explosive finale. Are you ready?